• HomePic01One day soon, thanks to a team of researchers that includes Penn State students and faculty, a robot a lot like Pixar's memorable Wall-E could arrive on your street and empty your trash bins while you sleep.

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  • HomePic02Congressman Glenn Thompson recently visited the Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine (START) Laboratory, part of the Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics Group, to learn about ongoing research.

  • HomePic03“It is a great honor to receive this early career title named after the Wormley family,” Wong said. “This endowment will allow me to continue pursuing high impact research and education activities, and contribute to the Penn State community and beyond.”

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  • HomePic04"This professorship will help my students and me take our research innovations out of the lab, across the so-called ‘valley of death’, and into the hands of a much broader community of innovators and learners. We’re very indebted to Edward and Cheryl Bryant for creating this professorship and giving us a tremendous push forward on our journey of not just doing good work, but also putting this research in the service of society,” Fathy said.

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  • HomePic05Students and alumni mentors met recently during the MNE junior orientation. Mentors and students meet throughout the year, and mentors provide career advice, networking, and guidance. MNE Alumni who are interested in helping students succeed can be come a mentor for either a mechanical or nuclear engineering student.

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  • HomePic06Penn State’s Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine (START) Laboratory has signed a six-year, $5 million agreement with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to continue work on improving turbine efficiencies.

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Proposed student-centered space in Reber Building designed to foster teamwork

Proposed student-centered space in Reber Building designed to foster teamwork

May 21, 2015

Karen Thole, department head, mechanical and nuclear engineering, envisions a space in Reber Building for engineering students to get together to work on projects, access technology for homework, or collaborate on research. The 7,500 square foot E-Knowledge Commons, as the new space will be named, will be designed around the idea of peer-to-peer learning. Read more...

ME Seminar Series

Devesh K. Jha

December 1 @ 4:00 PM in 135 Reber


NucE Seminar Series

Phyllis Morgan

December 3 @ 4:00 PM in 135 Reber


Engineering Design Showcase

December 10 @ 1:00 PM in Bryce Jordan Center



December 19 @ 9:00 AM in Bryce Jordan Center