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Suresh Iyer

Associate Research Professor


  • Larson Transportation Institute
  • Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

201 Transportation Research Building


Research Areas:

Interest Areas:

Optical methods for the detemination of soot characteristics in flames, particulate and gaseous emission measurements of heavy duty engines




  • Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 2005


Book, Chapters

  • Gothaniya G., S.-Y. Lee, A. V. Menon, Suresh S Iyer, M. J. Linevsky, R. J. Santoro and T. A. Litzinger, 2009, A Study on the Effect of Experimental Setup Configuration on Soot Formation in a Laminar Premixed Ethylene-Air Flame, Karlsruhe University Press, pp. Ch. 42, 697-711

Journal Articles

  • Mouis A Geraldine, Thomas Litzinger, Yefu Wang and Suresh S Iyer, 2015, "Effects of a JP-8 surrogate and its components on soot in laminar, N2-diluted ethylene co-flow diffusion flames from 1 to5 atm", Combustion and Flame, 162, (5), pp. 28
  • Partha Mishra, Suresh S Iyer and David J Klinikowski, 2015, "Uncertainties in Emissions Measurements in a Partial Flow Sampling System", SAE Technical Paper, (2015-26-0096)
  • Stephen Dooley, Sang Hee Won, Joshua Heyne, Tanvir I. Farouk, Yiguang Ju, Frederick L. Dryer, Kamal Kumar, Xin Hui, Chih-Jen Sung, Haowei Wang, Matthew A. Oehlschalaeger, Venkatesh Iyer, Suresh S Iyer, Thomas A. Litzinger, Robert J. Santoro, Tomasz Malewicki and Kenneth Brezinsky, 2012, "The experimental evaluation of a methodology for surrogate fuel formulation to emulate gas phase combustion kinetic phenomena", Combustion and Flame, 159, pp. 1444-1466
  • Thomas Litzinger and Suresh S Iyer, 2010, "The Hypergolic Reaction of Dicyanamide-based Fuels with Nitric Acid", Energy & Fuels
  • Suresh S Iyer, Thomas Litzinger, Seong-Young Lee and Robert Santoro, 2007, "Determination of soot scattering coefficient from extinction and three-angle scattering in a laminar diffusion flame", Combustion and Flame

Conference Proceedings

  • Yefu Wang, Suresh S Iyer, Venkatesh R. Iyer, Milton J. Linevsky, Thomas A. Litzinger, Robert J. Santoro and Viswanath Katta, 2013, "Soot and Aromatic Species in Non-premixed and Partially premixed Laminar Co-flow Flames", 2013 Fall Technical Meeting Eastern States Section of the Combustion Institute
  • Venkatesh R. Iyer, Suresh S Iyer, Thomas A. Litzinger, Robert J. Santoro, Stephen Dooley, Frederick L. Dryer and Christopher J. Mordaunt, 2012, "Emulating the Sooting Propensity of JP-8 with Surrogate Fuels from Solvent Mixtures", 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, AIAA
  • Venkatesh Iyer, Suresh S Iyer, Stephen Dooley, Milton Linevsky, Frederick Dryer, Thomas Litzinger, Christopher Mordaunt and Robert Santoro, 2011, "Comparison of Sooting Propensity of JP-8 with its Surrogates in a Wick Burner and a Model Gas Turbine Combustor", Fall Technical Meeting of the Eastern States Section of the Combustion Institute
  • Arvind Menon, Suresh S Iyer, Seong-Young Lee, Thomas Litzinger and Robert Santoro, 2008, "Flame Flicker in High Pressure Diffusion Flames", 32nd International Symposium on Combustion
  • Suresh S Iyer, David Klinikowski, Thomas Litzinger, W. Scott Wayne and Nigel Clark, 2006, "Diesel Emission measurements on Transit Buses", Ninth International Symposium on Heavy Vehicles Weights and Dimensions
  • M. McKeand, A. Menon, Suresh S Iyer, S.-Y. Lee, M. Linevsky, T. Litzinger and R. Santoro, 2006, "Effects of NO2 on Soot Formation in a Laminar Premixed Etylene-Air Flame", 44th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
  • Anandkumar Makwana, Suresh S Iyer, Thomas Litzinger and Jacqueline O'Connor, , "Effects of fuel molecular weight on emissions in a jet flame and a model gas turbine combustor", ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, NY, USA, pp. 10
  • Anandkumar Makwana, Suresh S Iyer and Thomas Litzinger, , "Effect of aromatic fuels on aromatic species and soot distributions in laminar, co-flow, non-premixed flames at atmospheric pressure", The Combustion Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, pp. 11

Technical Reports

  • Suresh S Iyer and Partha Mishra, 2015, "Advanced Low-Floor Vehicle (ALFV) Specification Research", pp. 116


  • Lokanath Mohanta, Suresh S Iyer, Partha Mishra and David Klinikowski, , "Uncertainties in Measurements of Emissions Chassis Dynamometer Tests"

Research Projects

  •   -  2017, "Engineering support for evaluation of Calstart/BAE fuel cell bus," (Sponsor: U.S.Department of Transportation).
  • January 2016 - September 2017, "BAE hydrogen bus," (Sponsor: Calstart).
  • July 2016 - June 2017, "BFTC barke testing," (Sponsor: ).
  • January 2016 - June 2016, "Fuel economy and emissions on a Class 8 truck," (Sponsor: NG1 Technologies).
  • February 2016 - December 2016, "Tractive Force measurements of a bus," (Sponsor: Heksagon Studio, Turkey).
  • September 2016 - December 2016, "Emissions and fuel economy of a diesel motor coach," (Sponsor: Motor Coach Industries, Canada).
  •   -  2014, "'Chassis Dynamometer based Fuel Economy and Emissions Tests on a Truck Fueled by DME"," (Sponsor: DOE-Battelle_Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and Volvo Group Truck Technologies).
  •   - December 2014, "Dynamometer-based fuel consumption tests using USPS driving cycle on a postal van with Ford engine," (Sponsor: United States Postal Service).
  • July 2012 - June 2013, "Validation of Optimal Fuel Economy Estimates for a Dual Fuel System (Revised from Process Development for Build-Out of Optimal CNG-Diesel Dual-Fuel Application)," (Sponsor: Ben Franklin Technology Center of Central & Northern Pennsylvania, Inc.).

Honors and Awards


Service to Penn State:

  • , Penn state, Candidacy Examination Committee, January 2017
  • Evaluator, Millennium Scholars program, Penn State, February 2017
  • Evaluator, Review of student submissions-REU program, Penn State, April 2016
  • , Penn state, Candidacy Examination Committee, September 2016
  • Evaluator, Millennium Scholars program, Penn State, February 2016
  • Evaluator, Review of student submissions-REU program, Penn state, April 2015
  • Evaluator, Review of student submissions-REU program, Penn state, April 2014
  • , Badminton Club., August 2012 - December 2012
  • , Badminton Club., January 2011 - May 2011
  • , Badminton Club., June 2009 - May 2010
  • , Badminton Club., June 2010 - December 2010
  • , Badminton Club., June 2008 - May 2009
  • , Badminton Club., June 2007 - May 2008
  • , Badminton Club., June 2006 - May 2007

Service to External Organizations:

  • Co-Organizer, Horiba Automotive Test Systems Inc., MI, September 2016 - September 2016
  • Panelist, Combined Interface for Project-Level Air Quality Analysis, NCHRP, 2013 - 2016
  • Advisor, January 2013



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