Welcome to the Mechanics and Materials Lab"

Many complex structures consist of multiple components. Contact and adhesion between different components in these structures are crucial for the performance and life-time of these structures. The mechanism has not been fully understood.

Our research contributed to this endeavor by focusing on bio-inspired design, advanced fabrication and material characterization of medical or energy related materials and structures, such as biomedical devices inside human body, biological organs and thin-film organic electronic devices. It combined experimental characterization of structures with analytical and computational models that enabled the prediction of mechanical behaviors at the micro and macro-scales. Interdisciplinary in essence, our research had both fundamental and applied aspects that are weaved together through materials science and mechanics.

Research positions are available in the group for undergraduate students, graduate students and visiting scholars. A background in materials, solid mechanics, fracture mechanics and/or biomechanics is preferable. Prior experience with biological material (tissue/organ/cell) is a plus.


7/7/2017 We would like to thank the research support by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, through Grant UL1 TR000127 and TR002014. The gratitude is also extended to Penn State Clinical and Translational Scince Institute (CTSI) !

21/06/2017 Congratulations to Shahd Walled M Ali of winning the Best Poster Award of KAUST REU 2017!

6/1/2017 We would like to thank Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) for research support! link to Department News

4/1/2017 We would like to thank Material Computation Center (MCC) at Penn State University for research support!

02/16/2017 Congratulations to Kangning Su of winning the Max and Joan Schlienger Graduate Scholarship in Engineering!

12/09/2016 Congratulations to Mo Shi of winning the College of Engineering Research Initiative (CERI) scholarship!

09/13/2016 Congratulations to Yuxiao Zhou for passing the candidacy exam!

04/06/2016 Congratulations to Hong Jin for winning the College of Engineering Research Symposium (CERS) 2016 poster competition!

09/15/2015 Congratulations to Kangning Su for passing the candidacy exam!