Stephen R. Turns

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

114 Research Building East
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-1989


        Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1979
        M.S., Wayne State University, 1974
        B.S., Penn State University, 1970


S. R. Turns, Thermal-Fluid Sciences: An Integrated Approach,
Cambridge University Press, New York, January, 2006.

Errata for Thermal-Fluid Sciences

S. R. Turns, Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications,
Cambridge University Press, New York, March, 2006.

Errata for Thermodynamics

S. R. Turns, An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications
McGraw-Hill, New York, 1996; Second Edition, 2000.

Errata for An Introduction to Combustion




Combustion Codes

Research Interests

·         Combustion engines

·         Combustion instrumentation

·         Pollutant formation and control in combustion systems

·         Engineering education pedagogy

·         Biofuels

Recent Publications

·         S.-Y. Lee, S. R. Turns, and R. J. Santoro, “Measurements of Soot, OH, and PAH Concentrations in Turbulent Ethylene/Air Jet Flames,” Combustion & Flame (in press).

·         S. R. Turns, L. P. Pauley, and S. E. Zappe, “Active and Collaborative Learning Exercises in a First Course in Fluid Mechanics: Implementation and Transfer,” International Journal of Engineering Education, 25 (5): 979-997 (2009).

·         T. A. Litzinger, C. M. Firetto, L. J. Passmore, P. N. Van Meter, C. B. Masters, and S. R. Turns “Improving Students’ Ability to Model during Problem Solving in Statics,” 2009 ASEE Conference & Exposition, June 14-17, 2009, Austin, TX.

·         P. N. Van Meter, C. M. Firetto, L. J. Passmore, T. A. Litzinger, C. B. Masters, S. R. Turns, G. L. Gray, and F. Costanzo, “Prompting Self-explanation to Improve Engineering Students’ Problem Solving,” European Association for Research in Learning Instruction (EARLI) 13th Biennial Conference, Amsterdam, August 25-29, 2009.

·         T. A. Litzinger, C. M. Firetto, L. J. Passmore, P. N. Van Meter, K. Higley, C. B. Masters, F. Costanzo, G. L. Gray, S. R. Turns, and J. Kulikowich, “Identifying and Remediating Difficulties with Problem-solving in Statics, 2008 ASEE Conference & Exposition, June 22-25, 2008, Pittsburgh, PA.

·         L. Wang, M. F. Modest, D. C. Haworth, and S. R. Turns, "Modelling Nongrey Gas-Phase and Soot Radiation in Luminous Turbulent Nonpremixed Jet Flames," Combustion Theory and Modelling, Vol. 9, pp. 479-498, 2005.

·         J. T. Moore, S. R. Turns, and R. A. Yetter, "Combustion of Lithium-Aluminum Alloys," Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 177, pp. 627-669, 2005.

·         L. Wang, D. C. Haworth, S. R. Turns, and M. F. Modest, "Interactions Among Soot, Thermal Radiation, and NOx Emissions in Oxygen-Enriched Turbulent Nonpremixed Flames: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Study," Combustion and Flame, Vol. 141, pp. 170-179, 2005.

·         S. R. Turns, Book Review: The John Zink Combustion Handbook, C. E. Baukal and R. Schwartz, Eds., Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 174 (3), pp. 173-175, 2002.

·         L. Wang, N. E. Endrud, S. R. Turns, M. D. D'Agostini, and A. G. Slavejkov, "A Study of the Influence of Oxygen Index on Soot, Radiation, and Emission Characteristics of Turbulent Jet Flames," Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 174, pp. 45-72, 2002.

·         G. J. R. Newbold, G. J. Nathan, D. S. Nobes, and S. R. Turns, "The Role of Large Scale Mixing and Radiation in the Scaling of NOx Emissions from Unconfined Flames," Journal of Korean Society of Combustion, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 8-14, 2002.

·         R. V. Bandaru and S. R. Turns, "Turbulent Jet Flames in a Crossflow: Effects of Some Jet, Crossflow, and Pilot-Flame Parameters on Emissions," Combustion and Flame, Vol. 121, pp. 137-151, 2000.

·         G. J. R. Newbold, G. J. Nathan, D. S. Nobes, and S. R. Turns, Measurements and Prediction of NOx Emissions from Unconfined Propane Flames from Turbulent-Jet, Bluff-Body, Swirl, and Precessing Jet Burners, Proceeding of the Combustion Institute, Vol. 28, pp. 481-487, 2000.

Awards and Honors

·         American Society of Engineering Education, Ralph Coats Roe Award, 2009

·         Joel and Ruth Spira Award for Teaching Excellence, 2008-2009

·         The Pennsylvania State University, Teaching Hall of Fame, 2002

·         The Pennsylvania State University, Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1997

·         Society of Automotive Engineers, Forest R. McFarland Award, 1997

·         Penn State Mechanical Engineering Department and Pi Tau Sigma, Teacher of the Year Award, 1990/91

·         Penn State Engineering Society Premier Teaching Award, 1991

·         Penn State Engineering Society Outstanding Teaching Award, 1985