Electroactive Materials Characterization Lab (EMCLab)

Zoubeida Ounaies

317 Reber Building
University Park, PA 16802

814-867-4443 | zxo100@psu.edu

EMCLab Research

Students working at a research station in the EMCLab Research at the Electroactive Materials Characerization Lab (EMCL) focuses on processing-microstructure-property relationships in smart materials. The goal is to develop new materials with unique combinations of mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical properties for uses that range from advanced electronic devices and autonomous system concepts to the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer industries.

The main thrusts of research include:

  • Active Composites for Low Voltage Applications
  • Active Composites for High Strain Applications
  • Active Nanofiber Composites
  • Nanodielectrics for High Energy Density Capacitors
  • Electric Field-Mediated Manipulation of Colloids