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Simon participated to CHiMaD - Phase Field Methods III at Northwestern University, Illinois.


The group of attendees breathing some fresh air in the middle of a productive week.

Pierre-Clement Simon, with Amani Cheniour from Dr. Tonks's Lab (Penn State), attended the workshop organized by CHiMaD. One of the objective of this NIST-sponsored center is to compare the different Phase Field codes available using benchmark problems. During this particular workshop, attendees were asked to install and use different softwares and give feedbacks to the developers. Some atendees also presented their results for the benchmark problems using their software of choice. Simon and Cheniour represented MOOSE and their contribution was appreciated by the developers.


They learned a lot about the last updates on the different Phase Field codes, had the opportunity to talk with the developers of the different codes, and had the chance to take part of a lab session on Methods of Manufactured Solutions. Simon came back tired, but with a deeper understanding of the challenges met by the Phase Field codes developers.


More information on MOOSE can be found here.

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