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Lacroix and Simon conducted experiments at the Advanced Photon Source in Argonne National Laboratory.


Evrard Lacroix and Pierre-Clement Simon visiting EBR-1 and TREAT during the MeV Summer School.

Evrard Lacroix et Pierre-Clement Simon had the opportunity to learn more about the nuclear industry at the MeV Summer School from July 17th until July 27. The school gave them a deep understanding of a large variety of topics ranging from nuclear power plant design to licensing and economics. They also had the chance to visit the unique facilities of INL.

Both took advantage of this school to meet with eminent researchers, historians, business people and engineers, as well as with brilliant students from all over the world. They enjoyed meeting so many Penn State Alumni!

At the end of the school, Pierre-Clement received an award with his team for 'best use of technical skills' for their project. Congratulations!