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Students travel to Advanced Photon Source for Experiments


Students use Synchrotron Radiation Source Located Outside Chicago for Thesis Research

Adi Shivprasad, Brendan Ensor, and Pierre-Clement Simon traveled to Argonne National Laboratory located just outside Chicago to conduct experiments using the Advanced Photon Source (APS). Experiments were performed using the synchrotron radiation source at the 2-ID-D beamline to perform X-ray diffraction and fluorescence on zirconium alloys as part of the PhD students' thesis research. Advanced studies using FIB liftout samples for transmission XRD and cross-sectional samples for Fe, Ni, Zr, and Nb XANES were performed successfully. The students were able to take in the city of Chicago and enjoyed visiting the Art Institute of Chicago by Millenium Park with a special Van Gogh exhibit.