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Ensor travels to Zurich, Switzerland to attend TopFuel 2015 Conference


Cinbiz and Ensor both have publication in proceedings

Brendan Ensor traveled to Zurich, Switzerland for the TopFuel 2015 conference where he presented a presentation on "XANES Analysis of Iron in Zircaloy-4 Oxides Formed at Different Temperatures Studied with Microbeam Synchrotron Radiation". Ensor and Nedim Cinbiz published papers in the conference proceedings. In addition to Cinbiz and Ensor, publication authors and attendees included many former Materials for Nuclear Power group members such as Jeremy Bischoff, Patrick Raynaud, Adrien Couet, Marcelo José Gomes da Silva, and Aylin Kucuk. In addition to attending many technical presentations, the city of Zurich and country of Switzerland were much enjoyed with beautiful glacial lakes and the Swiss Alps dotting the scenery as viewed from the excellent train system.