Student group It's All About M.E. Receives ASME Diversity Action Grant


It’s All About M.E. recently received a Diversity Action Grant from the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME). It’s All About M.E. is a student group working to create a strong community of women in engineering. Lola Buonomo, the group leader, is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and she is passionate about bringing more women into the program. It’s All About M.E. has been active since 2012. In 2014, Buonomo applied for the Diversity Action Grant, which awards up to $3,000 to a program run through an ASME student body. It’s All About M.E. runs through the Penn State’s Engineering Ambassador Program.

ASME awarded the group $1,500 to be used for events that promote the inclusion of women in mechanical engineering. Buonomo said It’s All About M.E. will use the money to provide food and small giveaways for several activities throughout the year, including a kick-off event, lab tours, study sessions, lunch-and-learns, and a mentoring program.

It’s All About M.E. reaches out first and second year students who have shown an interest in engineering or science.

“We are trying to combat the misconception that you have to be a guy to pursue mechanical engineering,” Buonomo said. While the group is doing a great job so far – Buonomo pointed out that in the first year of the group’s existence the percentage of women in the Mechanical Engineering program jumped from 10 percent to 14.5 percent – having ASME support will help the group make a bigger impact. 


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