Five Faculty Members in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Advance at Penn State: Fathy, Jovanovic, Michaleris, Ounaies, and van Duin


The Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering is pleased to announce the promotion of five faculty members with one member also receiving tenure. These faculty demonstrate a commitment to excellence in research, teaching, and service. Their efforts have contributed to the success of the Department, College and Penn State.

Hosam Fathy was promoted to associate professor of mechanical engineering and awarded tenure. Fathy joined the department in 2010. His area of expertise is in dynamic system modeling and optimal control, and he has applied his expertise to a range of areas including battery modeling and optimal energy management in hybrid vehicles and power grids. Fathy teaches controls and dynamic systems courses and has developed several new courses in this area.

Igor Jovanovic was promoted to professor of nuclear engineering. Jovanovic joined the department in 2010 and built a successful research program using his expertise in laser measurement techniques. In particular, he has been successful in developing nuclear detection methods for applications in proliferation and forensics. Jovanovic developed three courses the focus on nuclear security and one on nuclear fission. He holds the Bashore Faculty Development Professorship.   

Pan Michaleris was promoted to professor of mechanical engineering. Michaleris has been with the department since 1997. His research expertise is in in computational mechanics and finite element methods for transient nonlinear coupled problems including manufacturing process modeling. His modeling research has garnered attention from the additive manufacturing community. Michaleris has greatly contributed to teaching finite element modeling courses.

Zoubeida Ounaies was promoted to professor of mechanical engineering. Ounaies joined the department in 2011. Her expertise is in smart materials capable of converting electrical energy to mechanical energy for such applications as sensing, actuation and energy harvesting. These applications are relevant to aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. Ounaies is a strong teaching contributor in the undergraduate instrumentation and graduate experimental methods courses. Ounaies holds the Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professorship.

Adri van Duin was promoted to professor of mechanical engineering. van Duin has been with the department since 2008. He leads a strong research program in atomistic-scale simulations of chemical reactions with a special emphasis on the development of a simulation method that spans the gap between quantum mechanical and mesoscale levels. He has applied his simulation methods to a wide range of interdisciplinary problems in engineering including combustion, batteries, and spacecraft materials. van Duin has developed a new course on interatomic interactions as related to engineering. He holds the Kenneth Kuan-You Kuo Early Career Professorship.


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