Fathy, Wang promoted to professors in MNE

July 2, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Penn State Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering (MNE) is pleased to announce the promotion of two faculty members, Hosam Fathy and Donghai Wang, to the academic rank of professor of mechanical engineering.

Fathy, the Bryant Early Career Professor, received his doctoral degree from the University of Michigan in 2003. After his graduation, he gained industry experience in the automotive field. Joining MNE in the fall of 2010, Fathy’s expertise lies in optimal control and estimation, which he primarily applies to energy systems. His work has led to the improved optimization of batteries through algorithms he developed for battery control.

Fathy has also developed new mechanical engineering courses on energy systems and has served as an advisor to many graduate students, several of whom have successfully gone on to faculty positions at top research universities.

Donghai Wang, professor of mechanical and chemical engineering, earned his doctoral degree in chemical engineering from Tulane University in 2006. After his graduation, he became a post-doctoral fellow and subsequently a scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Joining MNE in the fall of 2009, Wang’s expertise is in the synthesis, characterization, and application of nanostructured functional materials in energy storage and conversion. He also created and taught a graduate-level course in materials for energy conversion and storage. Many of the graduates students he has advised are gainfully employed in both industry and research labs. In addition, Wang has applied his expertise in material development for electrochemical energy storage in transportation and in renewables.

“We are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of these outstanding faculty members,” Karen Thole, distinguished professor and MNE department head, said. “I’m also looking forward to see the new heights in their careers at Penn State!”


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Hosam Fathy

Hosam Fathy, professor of mechanical engineering

Donghai Wang

Donghai Wang, professor of mechanical engineering



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