What is ΑΝΣ? 

The Alpha Nu Sigma  Society is a constituency of the American Nuclear Society whose aim is to recognize high scholarship, integrity, and potential achievement in applied nuclear science and nuclear engineering by means of membership in the society.

Recent Events

Spring 2018

Alpha Nu Sigma Members

The annual Alpha Nu Sigma induction ceremony and dinner was held on March 19, 2018. Per tradition, the event was held at the Atherton Hotel as nearly 44 students and faculty gathered for this special event. The event gives current and new members the opportunity to network with faculty and other students outside of the classroom. Additionally, officer elections were held for the 2018-19 school year. Several photos of the event can be found here. Most importantly, 23 new Alpha Nu Sigma members were inducted into this prestigious society. Congratulations to the new members for their hard work in nuclear engineering!

Fall 2017

Alpha Nu Sigma held a few small scale events during the Fall 2017 semester. These events were informal discussion forums. The first event featured Dr. William Walters, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Penn State. Dr. Walters led an interactive discussion on Monte Carlo applications for reactor physics problems. Later in the semester, Dr. Marek Flaska, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Penn State, led a discussion on the technical aspects of the current crisis on the Korean Peninsula. Both of these events gave students the opportunity to learn about a nuclear related topic that is not covered in a typical course.

Spring 2017

Alpha Nu Sigma held their first ever new member mixer to help spread news of the organization to new prospects. The informal event gave students the opportunity to network with both faculty and current Alpha Nu Sigma members over pizza and soda to better learn about the organization. Alpha Nu Sigma plans to continue events similar to this mixer in the future.

Fall 2016

The first ever Alpha Nu Sigma Energy Debate lived up to all the hype! The debate featured three professors representing three distinct areas of America's energy portfolio. Dr. Arthur Motta, Professor and Chair of Nuclear Engineering, Dr. Jonathan Mathews, Coal Scientist and Professor in the Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, and Dr. Susan Stewart, Research Associate in Aerospace and Architectural Engineering, responded to pertinant questions about the energy landscape of America from our moderator, Dr. Marek Flaska. Cordial debate took place amongst the participants in front of an audiance of nearly 100 students, faculty, and community members. This discussion forum helped to bring different communities together so that everyone could gain a better understanding of how we can produce electricity in America. The video for this debate can be viewed here.


It is required that candidates for membership in Alpha Nu Sigma must be enrolled in a program to pursue an academic degree in an applied-nuclear-science, nuclear-engineering, or nuclear-engineering-option curriculum.

The Penn State chapter of Alpha Nu Sigma declares that Juniors shall be eligible if they rank in the top quarter of their class. Seniors shall be eligible if they rank in the top third of their class. Graduate students must also be in the top third of their class, as well as have completed 12 graduate credits not including research credits, to become members-elect. Faculty members shall also be eligible for membership in Alpha Nu Sigma.

The Penn State chapter of Alpha Nu Sigma defines one's class to be those students enrolled as Nuclear Engineering majors (including dual majors). Students who are not in the Nuclear Engineering program but still feel they are eligible should contact the faculty advisor of the Penn State ΑΝΣ chapter.

Those students who are members of the Nuclear Engineering Program and are deemed eligible will be notified by either the faculty advisor or a student representative of the Penn State chapter of the Alpha Nu Sigma Society.


Alpha Nu Sigma Logo

The Penn State chapter of Alpha Nu Sigma has the following officers for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018:

Jacob GortonPresidentjpg5323@psu.edu
Emily HumesVice Presidenteph5116@psu.edu
Jonathan BalogTreasurerjbb5406@psu.edu
Matthew DurbinSecretarymud370@psu.edu
Dr. Marek FlaskaFaculty Advisormxf5309@engr.psu.edu