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Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering, 3rd Edition, Prentice-Hall, 2002.
T. R.. Chandrupatla and A.D. Belegundu

Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering, 2nd Ed., 2011,

Cambridge University Press
A.D. Belegundu and T.R. Chandrupatla


What's New in the 2nd Edition

ERRATA -- last update: May 2011

Optimization In Industry I , 1997, (Ed. A.D. Belegundu, F. Mistree),  ASME Press
(Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation Conferences), ISBN-10: 0791812480

Optimization In Industry II, 2001, (Ed. A.D. Belegundu, F. Mistree), ASME Press
(Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation Conferences). ISBN-10: 0791835227

Optimization of Systems for Acoustics
Ashok D. Belegundu and Michael D. Grissom
Chapter in Book: Optimization of Structural and Mechanical Systems (Ed. J.S. Arora),
World Scientific Publishing, 2007

Magazine Article (CIME): Optimizing the Shapes of Mechanical Components [Download pdf]


Optimization with Blast and Projectile Loading

Optimization in a Distributed Computing Environment

Optimization in Acoustics and Vibration

Multicriteria Optimization

Shape Optimization

Topology Optimization

Design Sensitivity Analysis

Optimization Algorithms

Boundary Elements in Vibration - Tutorial prepared for NASA

Optimization involving Heat Transfer