Indoor Air Quality Engineering

by R. J. Heinsohn and J. M. Cimbala

Excel Files

Excel Files:
File Location in book Description
Simple_runge_kutta_example.xls Example 1.9 Simple Runge-Kutta Solution using Excel (also see Mathcad file below)
heat_stress_calculations.xls Example 3.6 Heat Stress Index in a Restaurant Kitchen
Example_5_4_smokers.xls Example 5.4 Smokers in a Conference Room
Mercury_poisoning_professor.xls Example 5.11 Did the Professor Suffer Mercury Poisoning?
Moody_chart_generator.xls Figure 6.28 Moody Chart Generator
Performance_of_fan_new_conditions.xls Example 6.7 Performance of a Fan under New Operating Conditions
Matching_fan_to_local_ventilation_system.xls Example 6.8 Matching a Fan to a Local Ventilation System
Velocity_field_near_rotating_disk.xls Example 7.1 Velocity Field near a Rotating Disk
Flanged_slot_in_streaming_flow.xls Example 7.5 Flanged Slot of Finite Width in Streaming Flow
Line_sink_in_streaming_flow.xls Figure 7.6 Streamlines of a Line Sink in Streaming Flow
Reach_flanged_line_sink_in_streaming_flow.xls Example 7.2 Reach of a Flanged Line Sink in Streaming Flow
Flanged_slot_in_quiescent_air.xls Example 7.3 Flanged Slot of Finite Width in Quiescent Air
Unflanged_slot_in_quiescent_air.xls Example 7.4 Unflanged Slot of Finite Width in Quiescent Air
Point_sink_in_streaming_flow.xls Figure 7.9 Streamlines of a Point Sink in Streaming Flow (axisymmetric)
Sample_particle_size_distribution.xls Table 8.2, Figs. 8.2, 8.3 Sample Particle Size Distribution
Viscosity_plots.xls Figure 8.12 Viscosity of Air as a Function of Temperature (Sutherland's Law)
Terminal_velocity_falling_spheres.xls Figs. 8.16, 8.17 Terminal Velocity of Falling Spheres
Particle_trajectory_in_BL_PLOTS.xls Example 8.5 Plotting the Trajectories of Particles in a Boundary Layer
(plots the results of Mathcad outputs - see below for Mathcad files)
Example_9_1_Lapple_curve_fits.xls Example 9.1 Fractional Efficiency of a Lapple Reverse Flow Cyclone
Counter_flow_spray_chamber.xls Example 9.3 Fractional Efficiency of a Counter-flow Spray Chamber
Transverse_packed_bed_scrubber.xls Example 9.4 Particle Removal Efficiency of a Transverse Packed Bed Scrubber