Indoor Air Quality Engineering

by R. J. Heinsohn and J. M. Cimbala

Mathcad Files

Mathcad Files:
File Location in book Description General A sample of how to solve simultaneous equations in Mathcad Example 1.8 Density of Moist Air as a Function of Temperature and Relative Humidity Example 1.9 Simple Runge-Kutta Solution using Mathcad (also see Excel file above) Example 2.1 Effect of Emphysema on Gas Uptake Example 4.13 Evaporation of Volatile Compounds from a Waste Lagoon Example 4.18 Drop Evaporation and Decay of Drop Diameter with Time Example 5.5 Clever Outdoorsman with CO in his Cabin Example 5.6 Renovated Conference Room with 100% Make-up Air Example 5.7 Ethyl Alcohol Vapors in a Hospital Operating Room Example 5.9 New Car Smell - Emission Rate of a Hydrocarbon Example 5.16 Formaldehyde from Methanol-Fueled Vehicles in Tunnels Similar to Example 7.3 Sample of a Flanged Slot of Finite Width in Quiescent Air
Unflanged_slot_ Example 7.4, part c Isopleths for an Unflanged Slot of Finite Width in Quiescent Air Similar to Example 7.5 Sample of a Flanged Slot of Finite Width in Streaming Flow Example 7.6 Unflanged Slot in Streaming Flow at Non-Zero Angle
Example 8.5 Trajectory of Particles in a Boundary Layer (50 and 200 micron) Example 8.6 Terminal Velocity of a Particle from a Volcano