M E 320 Homework, Spring 2015

This page contains information about homework assignments for this course. It also contains the actual homework assignments.

General Information

Homework Assignments
Listed below are links for each homework assignment and its due date. Homework assignments are due in class, at the beginning of class on the date listed. You may also turn in your homework directly to the TA or to Professor Cimbala.

Graded homeworks are placed in the "OUT" folder in the student lounge, 242 Reber. You are responsible to pick these up yourself. If the pile gets too big, the older pages will be tossed into the recycling bin.

Questions about HW are often sent to Professor Cimbala by e-mail. If the question is deemed important enough to be seen by everybody, Professor Cimbala will post them on the course's Facebook page. When a homework quesion is submitted, both the question and answer are posted for students' convenience. Students are encouraged to look there often. Perhaps your question has already been asked, and can save you a trip to office hours.

Solutions to the HW sets are posted a few days after the due date on PSU's ANGEL website.

Note: If you have questions about your HW grade, please see the TA.

Homework Number Due Date
HW 1 Friday, 01/23
HW 2 Friday, 02/06
HW 3 Friday, 02/13
HW 4 Friday, 02/20
HW 5 Friday, 02/27
HW 6 Friday, 03/20
HW 7 Friday, 03/27
HW 8 Friday, 04/10
HW 9 Friday, 04/17
HW 10 Wednesday, 04/29

Prepared by Professor John M. Cimbala, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University
Latest revision, 27 January 2015