Announcements - ME 325, Spring 2012

Prepared by Professor J. M. Cimbala, Penn State University
Latest revision, 05 January 2012

This page contains announcements about the course in general, any schedule changes, etc. Please visit this page often.

05 January 2012
Introductory lab session during first week of classes

There will be no laboratory during the first week of classes. However, all students must come to the first scheduled laboratory session for an introductory session, and to be assigned to groups.

05 January 2012
Temporary disk space

Some of the data files generated by students using the lab computers are saved in the c:\temp folder. If you copy a file to the computer's desktop, it will be available on any other computer in the lab and also on any computer in the MNE PC Studio. However, note that the file will not be available to all lab partners unless each person copies the file to his/her own desktop.

05 January 2012
Backup your files!

You should always back up your files during the lab, and especially after taking data. If you return to the computer later on, there is no guarantee that your data file will still be there. There are several ways to back up files:

Regardless of how you choose to back up your data files, don't forget to log out before you leave, or else someone else can access your files.

05 January 2012
No Paper handouts

Please note that paper copies of the syllabus, schedule, lab manual, etc. will not be handed out in class. All of these documents are provided only on this web site.

05 January 2012
Late policy

Please make note of policy for late precalculations and lab reports:

05 January 2012
Switching sections and drop/add

Every semester, a few students wish to switch sections, while several other students drop the course, and other students are waiting in line to add the course. If you want to switch sections, send me an e-mail so that I can coordinate with other students - hopefully two students want to exchange sections with each other, and I can help coordinate that.
The last day of drop/add this semester is Thursday, January 19, 2012.