Labs - M E 325

Prepared by Professor J. M. Cimbala, Penn State University
Latest revision, 20 September 2013

This page contains the on-line lab manual, along with information about the labs to be performed by students enrolled in M E 325.

Note: All labs are conducted in Room 102 Reber. The phone number in the lab is 814-863-1506.

General Information
This section contains general information about the labs, rules and regulations, and the format of the lab reports.

M E 325 Lab Manual
The lab manual is available only on the web, so that last-minute changes or updates can be made by the instructor. If desired, students may print out a copy of the lab to follow during the experiment. All documents are provided in pdf format for convenience and consistency. Also provided for each lab is a questions and answers link - the Q/A pages are updated when students ask questions about the lab or lab report.

Grade Disputes : If you have a dispute about how your lab precalculations or your lab report has been graded, please see the TA.