Homework, M E 345

Homework/Study Groups
If you want to form a homework group or study group for this course, I encourage you to join the Facebook group associated with this course. In Facebook, search for "M E 345" (be sure to include the blank space between the M and the E), and you should find our group. From there, post a comment like "I am looking to join a study group/homework group. I would like to meet on Wednesday evenings...". Hopefully, others will comment back and you can match up with each other to create your groups.

Homework information and format
Sample homework problem format

Homework Assignments
Homework assignments for this course are listed below for convenience.
Note, however, that Excel spreadsheets and other files associated with the individual homework sets are available on the Lectures/Labs/HW tab only.

HW Set 1
HW Set 2
HW Set 3
HW Set 4
HW Set 5
HW Set 6
HW Set 7
HW Set 8
HW Set 9
HW Set 10
HW Set 11
HW Set 12

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