M E 345 Lectures, Videos for Week 13

Prepared by Professor J. M. Cimbala, Penn State University
Latest revision, 30 November 2011

Right click on a link below to play the youtube video, or click on the play button where available.
Amazing sonar application (youtube)

Aliasing clock (youtube)
Levitating water drops (youtube)
More water drops (youtube)
Dual water drops (youtube)
Propeller aliasing (AOL Video)
More Propeller aliasing (youtube)
Skateboard wheel (youtube)
More aliasing effects (youtube)
Cool bicycle wheel aliasing
Ignition timing with strobe 1 (youtube)
Ignition timing with strobe 2 (youtube)
Strobe effect on a record player (youtube)

Aliasing and dynamometer (youtube)
Aliasing and dynamometer (youtube)
Huge prony brake dyno (youtube)
Dyno test: Subaru WRX (youtube)
Dyno test: motorcycle 1 (youtube)
Dyno test: motorcycle 2 (youtube)