References, M E 345

Background and Review Material - This is general information that the student is expected to know. This material will not be covered in class.

Here are some web sites, useful as references in this course:
All About Units - From NIST - everything you want to know about units. -
On-line Conversions - Convert from any units to any other units on-line. Very handy site. -
On-Line Integration - A great little web page from Wolfram Research Co. (makers of Mathematica), which performs integration for just about any function that you supply. And it's free! -
Error Analysis - Some examples and equations on how to estimate the error when performing operations like addition, multiplication, etc. From Widener University. Local mirror site
Resistor Color Guide A scanned image of the Resistor Color Guide produced by R.S.R. Electronics. It is useful for both four-band and five-band resistors. -
Resistor Color Code A nice web site explaining the resistor color code. From Dr. Bob's Electronic Reference web site. -
Statistics Documents - Several useful descriptions and examples of statistics definitions, in both Acrobat (pdf) and Mathcad (mcd) formats. From Widener University. -

Prepared by Professor John M. Cimbala, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University
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