Teaching Assistants for M E 345, Fall 2014

The Teaching Assistants (TA) for this course are listed here (in alphabetical order), along with their contact information. Also listed is the contact information for our Teaching Intern (TI) :

Brett Cowan, TA bmc5192@psu.edu
Matthew Erdman, TA mde5065@psu.edu
Michelle Kehs, TA mak5497@psu.edu
Nick Mercurio, TA nwm108@psu.edu
Cameron Nelson, TA csn5043@psu.edu
Kyle Reigh, TA kmr5339@psu.edu

Faysal Ashour, TI fna5022@psu.edu

Office Hours and section assignments for all the TAs, the TI, and Professor Cimbala:

Prepared by Professor John M. Cimbala, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University
Latest revision, 16 September 2014