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Anne Martin

Assistant Professor


  • Mechanical Engineering

338C Reber Building


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Research Areas:

Biomechanics and Bioengineering; Mechanical Sciences; Sensors & Controls




  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, 2009
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 2013
  • Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 2014


Journal Articles

  • Daniel Williams and Anne Martin, 2019, "Gait modification when decreasing double support percentage", Journal of Biomechanics, 92, pp. 76-83
  • David Quintero, Anne Martin and Robert D. Gregg, 2018, "Towards unified control of a powered prosthetic leg: A simulation study", IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 26, (1), pp. 305-312
  • Anne Martin and Robert D. Gregg, 2017, "Stable, robust hybrid zero dynamics control of powered lower-limb prostheses", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 62, (8), pp. 3930-3942
  • Anne Martin, Dario J. Villarreal and Robert D. Gregg, 2016, "Characterizing and modeling the joint-level variability in human walking", Journal of Biomechanics, 49, (14), pp. 3298-3305
  • Anne Martin and Robert D Gregg, 2016, "Incorporating human-like walking variability in an HZD-based bipedal model", IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 32, (4), pp. 943-948
  • Anne Martin, David C. Post and James P. Schmiedeler, 2014, "The effects of foot geometric properties on the gait of planar bipeds walking under HZD-based control", The International Journal of Robotics Research, 33, (12), pp. 1530-1543
  • Anne Martin, David C. Post and James P. Schmiedeler, 2014, "Design and experimental implementation of a hybrid zero dynamics controller for planar bipeds with curved feet", The International Journal of Robotics Research, 33, (7), pp. 988-1005
  • Anne Martin and James P. Schmiedeler, 2014, "Predicting human walking gaits with a simple planar model", Journal of Biomechanics, 47, (6), pp. 1416-1421

Conference Proceedings

  • Daniel Williams and Anne Martin, 2019, "Effect of finite-time double support controllers on disturbance rejection for planar bipeds", American Controls Conference, Philadelphia, PA
  • David Schmitthenner, Samuel Shoemaker and Anne Martin, 2017, "Using a redundant planar hip exoskeleton to reduce human-device interface forces", Proceedings of the 2017 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, Tysons Corner, VA


  • Anne Martin and Mukul Talaty, 2017, "Parameterizing joint-level variability during walking for stroke victims", 41th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics

Research Projects

  • August 2017 - July 2020, "Effect of Variability on Fall Risk & Energetic Cost in Biped Walking," (Sponsor: National Science Foundation).
  • July 2019 - June 2020, "Home Telemonitoring of Gait and Fall Risk in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis," (Sponsor: Grace Woodward Grants for Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine).

Honors and Awards


Service to Penn State:

Service to External Organizations:

  • Organizing Conferences and Service on Conference Committees, Organizer, Special Session: Measuring the Success of Federally Funded Research Projects, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IEEE Control Systems Society, May 2017 - May 2017



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