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Photo of James Brasseur

James Brasseur

Professor Emeritus

205 Reber Building


Photo of Gary Catchen

Gary Catchen

Professor Emeritus

115 Breazeale Nuclear Reactor Building


Photo of Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards

Professor Emeritus

0228 Reber Building


Photo of Robert Heinsohn

Robert Heinsohn

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Edward Stephen Kenney

Edward Stephen Kenney

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Edward Klevans

Edward Klevans

Professor Emeritus

336B Reber Building


Photo of Gary Koopmann

Gary Koopmann

Professor Emeritus

Photo of John Lamancusa

John Lamancusa

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Samuel Levine

Samuel Levine

Professor Emeritus

323 Reber Building


Photo of Michael Modest

Michael Modest

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Photo of Forrest Remick

Forrest Remick

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Domenic Santavicca

Domenic Santavicca


132 Research Building East


Photo of Robert Santoro

Robert Santoro

Professor Emeritus

232 Research Building East


Photo of Frank Schmidt

Frank Schmidt

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Gary Settles

Gary Settles

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

301D Reber Building


Photo of Gita Talmage

Gita Talmage

Professor Emerita

306 Reber Building


Photo of Stephen Turns

Stephen Turns

Professor Emeritus

114 Research Building East


Photo of David Wormley

David Wormley

Dean of Engineering Emeritus

206 Transportation Research Building




The Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Penn State is one of the nation’s largest and most successful engineering departments. We serve more than 1,000 undergraduate students and more than 330 graduate students

We offer B.S. degrees in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering as well as resident (M.S., Ph.D.) and online (M.S., M.Eng.) graduate degrees in nuclear engineering and mechanical engineering. MNE's strength is in offering hands-on experience in highly relevant research areas, such as energy, homeland security, biomedical devices, and transportation systems.

Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

137 Reber Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4400

Phone: 814-865-2519