Electroactive Materials Characterization Lab (EMCLab)

Zoubeida Ounaies

317 Reber Building
University Park, PA 16802

814-867-4443 | zxo100@psu.edu

EMCLab Research: Electric Field-Mediated Manipulation of Colloids

We have developed a methodology to manipulate and pattern nanotubes and nanofibers in polymers using electrokinetic interactions with dramatic changes in electrical and stress coupling.

We are also focusing our attention on the development of experimental and analytical methodologies to determine the materials parameters that affect E-field alignment of NPs in polymers.

By optimizing NP alignment, we have determined that the anisotropy of physical properties parallels that of morphology—a big step closer to our goal of spatially engineering and designing nano-composite material systems for prescribed performances.

An important outcome of this work is that it will help establish a tool set for control of nanoparticle distribution, hence moving the community from nano-filled systems with random morphology to spatially engineered and designed nano-composite material systems.