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Mehran Hossaini, Jie Yang, April Armstrong, Greg Lewis, Lance Lian, Wole Soboyejo, Pan Zeng, Sunita Ho, Don Curtis, Arthur Miller, Xinrui Niu, Wanliang Shan, Nima Rahbar, Zebaze Kanna, back to top

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We applied finite element method to the nano-scale mechanical behaviors of atoms. A bonding element was developed to describe the mechanical behaviors of chemical bonds. The results are comparable with that of Raman and infrared spectrum experiments. By using the bonding element, the finite element method, which was usually used in the area of continuum mechanics, was shown to be applicable in atomic scale calculations and to be able to generate discrete results.

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Professional Organizations

Minerals Metals & Materials Society (TMS) [Link]

Materials Research Society (MRS) [Link]

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) [Link]

Society of Engineering Science [Link]

International Association of Dental Reserach[Link]

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