Product Realization Course Materials

This page contains course materials for a curriculum in Product Realization. These materials were developed by the Manufacturing Engineering Education Partnership, -a coalition of Penn State, The University of Puerto-Rico Mayaguez, the University of Washington and Sandia National Labs. Funding was provided by the Technology Reinvestment Program (TRP project #3018, NSF Award #DMI-9413880).

The course materials consist of modules in electronic form (Microsoft Powerpoint and Word) for easy dissemination and modification. In order to view these files, you will need to install MS powerpoint (or powerpoint viewer) and MS Word as helper applications for your Web browser.
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Background Information
Information about the Manufacturing Engineering Education Partnership (MEEP)
Video about MEEP
MEEP Publications

Course Materials
Product Dissection Course
Entrepreneurship Course
Concurrent Engineering Course
Process Quality Engineering Course
Rapid Prototyping Technology Module

Supporting Materials

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  • Assessment Report on MEEP (includes methodology, sample survey forms, and discussion of how to assess the impact of a multi-institution curriculum reform) ASEE97 Conference Paper

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    These course materials, including multimedia modules, are available in a CDROM format upon request.

    Please direct any questions or comments to John S. Lamancusa, Penn State University,

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