Zineb Aly

249 Johnson Terrace
State College, PA 16803 USA

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Zineb Aly


Zineb Aly - Materials for Nuclear Power Group

Zineb ALY is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Science in Reactor Physics and Nuclear Engineering at Penn State university. She was born in Morocco and studied in France, where she is currently enrolled in a double degree with the French Engineering School PHELMA, INP Grenoble institute of technology. She worked as an intern with Dr. Mark Gilbert at the U.K atomic energy authority (UKAEA) in Culham fusion center, Oxfordshire in England. Her work focused on Monte-Carlo and FISPACT-II simulations to investigate the spacial heterogeneity of the burn-up of materials under a fusion environment.

Zineb is passionate about science and participated in her spare time to several projects : French Physicists' Tournament 2017 in collaboration with "Société Française de Physique" where she worked on the magnetic fissioning of ferrofluid droplets.

Zineb is concerned about the education of women in the developing countries and worked on several projects aiming to promote education in collaboration with the Moroccan Schools Without Borders NGO.