Current Students


Jinyu Xie (Ph.D.)


Jianyi Li (Ph.D.)


Glenn Hatala (Ph.D.)





Cheng Wang (Ph.D., 2016) (Co-advising with B. Urgaonkar), Improving Cost-Efficacy in Public Clouds: Optimal Control Subject to Cloud-Tenant Interactions


Xiao Chen (Ph.D., 2015), Using Occupant Feedback in Model Predictive Control for Indoor Thermal Comfort and Energy Optimization


Saurabh Harsh (M.S., 2013), State Space Modeling and Adaptive Dual Control for Type 1 Diabetes: Evaluation Using FDA Approved Simulator


Armin Ataei (Ph.D., 2012), Algorithms for Sum-of-Square-Based Stability Analysis and Control Design of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems


Jing Zhou (Ph.D., 2011; M.S. of EE, 2010; M.S. of ME, 2007), Stochastic Semistability with Application to Stochastic Consensus.


Kenneth Freeman, (M.S., 2011), Adaptive Dual Control of the Glucose Regulatory System in People with Type-1 Diabetes, an in silico experiment.


Xiaofeng Mao (Ph.D., 2010; M. S. of ME, 2007), Nonlinear Robust Control Design for a High-Speed Supercavitating Vehicle


Wubi Qin (Ph.D., 2007), Feedback Performance Control for Self-Managing Computer Systems A Control Theoretic Approach