Research Projects


Current Projects


Modeling and Control for Laser Based Additive Manufacturing (AM) Processes

(Sponsor: NSF CMMI)

Collaborators: E. W. Reutzel


A Pilot Study to Dynamic Modeling of the Effects of Physical Activity on Blood Glucose Levels in Type 1 Diabetes

(Sponsor: Penn State SSRI)

Collaborators: P. Molenaar, D. S. Downs, J. Ulbrecht


Modeling, Identification, and Control towards Adaptive Personalized Glucose Management for Insulin-Deficient Diabetes

(Sponsor: NSF CMMI)

Collaborators: P. Molenaar, J. Ulbrecht



Past Projects


EFRI: Creating Opportunities for Adaptation Based on PULSE (Population in Urban Landscape for Sustainable Built Environment)

(Sponsor: NSF)

Collaborators: J. Srebric, C. Reinhart, and J. Spengler


Adaptive, Personalized Healthcare Monitoring and Delivery for Nutritional Adherence in Diabetes Control

(Sponsor: PSU CTSA)

Collaborators: P. Molenaar, J. Ulbrecht


Modeling and Feedback Design for Autonomous Management of Enterprise-Scale Virtualized Data Centers

(Sponsor: NSF CMMI)

Collaborator: B. Urgaonkar


SHF: Medium: Automatic Control Driven Resource Management in Chip Multiprocessors

(Sponsor: NSF CCF)

Collaborators: M. Kandemir and P. Raghavan


Collaborative Research: Adaptive Techniques for Achieving End-to-End QoS in the I/O Stack on Petascale Multiprocessors

(Sponsor: NSF CCF)

Collaborators: M. Kandemir and P. Raghavan


Nonlinear Robust Control: A Stochastic Programming Approach (Sponsor: NSF CMMI)


Probabilistic Robust Coordinated Control of Quorum Systems of Mobile Autonomous Agents (Sponsor: NSF CMMI)


Online Control for Self-Tuning Autonomic Storage Systems (Sponsor: Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse (PDG))


Data-Driven Autonomic Performance Modulation for Servers (Sponsor: NSF ITR)