Product Realization Minor
An Undergraduate Minor in the College of Engineering

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  • IE Students

    This is the Minor for you! With the new IE curriculum, you simply take IE 480W as your design elective - in conjunction with ME 240, ENGR 407, and IE 466 - to qualify for the Minor. IE 466 counts as a senior or technical elective; so, getting the Minor is relatively painless.

  • ME Students

    It also got easier for you ME students to complete the Minor now that ME240 counts toward your electives (just complete the General Technical Elective Form and turn it in to front desk in 139 Reber - your advisor doesn't even need to sign it!).

    Easiest way to get the Minor is to take ME 340, ME 445, and IE 312, and then just take ME 440/441W along with ME 240, ENGR 407, and IE 466, and you are all set.

  • EE Students

    It's a little tougher for you EE students to get the Minor, but several do it every year. EE 310 and EE 418 satisfy 6 of the required 9 credits, and EE 403W satisfies the senior project requirement. Then like everyone else, you take ME 240, ENGR 407, and IE 466. Just make sure you take IE 424 to satisfy your statistic electives like the ME's, and you are good to go.

  • Other Students

    While the Minor is designed for IE, ME, and EE students, other engineering students are welcome to complete the requirements for the Minor. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Tucker, and together we will try and work something out that fits easily into your schedule.

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