IE 466 - Concurrent Engineering
Fall 2001, MWF 11:15 a.m. - 12:05 p.m., 101 Leonhard


This semester, there will be two sets of projects from which to choose:

  1. IME, Inc.: Students working on projects for IME, Inc. will choose from derivative/enhancement projects, platform projects, or breakthrough projects based on the current product offering.
    • Derivative/enhancement projects will create a contract book to develop a derivative or enhancement product and/or process for IME, Inc.
    • Platform projects will create a contract book outlining the development of the next generation platform to be designed in IME, Inc.
    • Breakthrough projects will create a contract book for the next breakthrough product for IME, Inc. Your goal is to determine what the next generation of products to produce in IME, Inc. As a breakthrough group, you have the most freedom and flexibility in how you define your project.

  2. Ivalo Lighting: Students working with Ivalo Lighting can choose from four derivative projects to enhancement the current lighting platform shown below. Projects will include:
    • Material selection: investigate the use of composites (e.g., Kevlar) for making the shell and canopy.
    • Forming processes: investigate the use of alternative forming techniques for making larger versions of the shell and canopy out of different metals (e.g., aluminum or steel).
    • Structural design and analysis: examine the structural support and stability of the current lighting platform for varying lengths.
    • DFMA/quality audit: assess the manufacturability and assemblability of the current lighting platform to reduce manufacturing costs and lead time.

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