IE 466 - Concurrent Engineering
Fall 2001, MWF 11:15 a.m. - 12:05 p.m., 101 Leonhard


  • Days marked by a * indicate in-class discussion; be prepared to speak!
  • DQs are the Discussion Questions for the reading that will be discussed in-class.

 I. Motivation, Definition, and Philosophy of Concurrent Engineering

8/22Introduction, course administration, name game
8/24*Fast cycle competitor - A14 Stereo Project (DQs)Chp. 1, pp. 11-27
8/27*Braun Case (DQs)Chp. 1, pp. 51-80
8/29The Ethics Challenge
8/31*Intro to concurrent engineering; Resotech assignment
9/3NO CLASS - Labor Day
9/5CE Tinkertoy Exercise
9/7*Integrated product and process design (DQs)

 II. Teams and Team Dynamics

9/10Guest speaker: Prof. Irene Petrick, Topic: Team dynamics
9/12Guest speaker: Prof. Irene Petrick, Topic: Team dynamics
9/14Guest speaker: Benjamin Lins (Shaver's Creek) Topic: Team Building Exercises

 III. CE Development Strategies

9/17*Front-end development strategy (DQs)Chp. 2, pp. 81-111
9/19*The Aggregate Project Plan (DQs)Chp. 4, pp. 233-261
9/21*Creating a coherent development process (DQs)Chp. 6, pp. 363-395
9/24*Cross-functional integration (DQs)Chp. 7, pp. 457-480
9/26*Organizing and leading CE project teams (DQs)Chp. 8, pp. 519-547
9/28*Quantum Case (DQs)Chp. 8, pp. 552-574
10/1BOSE JIT II Case: Video and Assignment
10/3*Prototype/test cycles (DQs)Chp. 10, pp. 657-686
10/5*Boeing 777 Case (DQs)
10/8NO CLASS - Fall Break

 IV. CE Project Management Tools

10/10*Project management (DQs)
UE00, Chp. 14
10/12*Project management (cont.)
10/15MicroSoft Project and in-class assignment
10/17Microsoft Project (cont.)
10/19Guest Speaker: Bill Lindquist (Ingersoll Rand)
Topic: Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
10/22Project "Blitz" (Duration: 1 week)
10/23"Blitz" (cont.)
10/25"Blitz" (cont.)

 V. Tools: Including the "Voice of the Customer"

10/29*Quality Function Deployment (DQs)
House of Quality
10/31QFD House of Floss Dispenser Assignment (in class)
11/2Work on project or QFD Assignment
11/5*Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DQs)
FMEA Overview
11/7FMEA for Floss Dispenser Assignment (in class)
11/9Work on project or FMEA Assignment

 VI. Tools: Interface Between Design and Manufacturing

11/12*Design for Manufacturing (DQs)
UE00, Chp. 11
11/14*Design for Assembly - Boothroyd and Dewhurst (DQs)
11/16Design for Assembly Assessment (in class)
11/19Work on Project or DFA Assignment
11/21Work on Project or DFA Assignment
11/23NO CLASS - Thanksgiving Break
11/26*Robust Design (DQs)
11/28Robust Design Assignment
11/30Work on project or Robust Design Assignment

 VII. Implementing Concurrent Engineering

12/3*Corning Z-Glass case (DQs)Chap. 8, pp. 575-594
12/5*Course summary and closing remarks

 VIII. Wrap-Up

12/12In-class project presentations
10:00-12 noon
101 Leonhard
12/14Critical Evaulation of Learning due by 12 noon

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