ME 240 - Product Dissection
(and ME 105S/106S/107S)

Spring 2013, TR 2:30-4:25pm in 314 Hammond



Prof. Simpson

326 Leonhard


In Product Dissection, students work in teams to dissect several common products to discover their internal functions and to critique their design, manufacturing methods, materials selection, and potential for recycling. Lecture and discussion topics include the design process, material selection, introduction to manufacturing processes, basic mechanical and electrical components and measurements, green design, and human factors. Dissection projects include a bicycle, several appliances, and an internal combustion engine.

Meeting Time and Place: TR 2:30-4:25pm in 314 Hammond

T.A.'s: Omar Ashour & Wonmo Kim

Text: There is no text required; a lab notebook or journal is necessary for in-class use (see example on right).

Attendance: Attendance is required at all laboratory sessions since you are an integral part of a team; any absences must be approved by the instructor.

Grading: Grading is based your lab notebook, in-class participation, and small project reports.

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