ME 240 - Product Dissection
(and ME 105S/106S/107S)

Spring 2013, TR 2:30-4:25pm in 314 Hammond


A variety of household appliances and consumer products are dissected and analyzed including:

Hand-held drill
Hand-held mixer
Rotary phone
Touch-tone phone
Paper Pro stapler
Swingline stapler
Single-use camera

Students will also work in small groups to create a Wiki page discussing the global, economic, environmental, and societal issues involved with designing a large appliance (e.g., refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine).

  • Appliance Dissection Handout <DOC>

Appliances Dissection Schedule:

Feb. 12 & Feb. 14 Lecture: Drills, Bearings, and Motors
Build Your Own Motor
Drill Dissection
Mixer Dissection

10 pts
10 pts
Feb. 19 & Feb. 21 Lecture: How Telephones Work
Telephone Dissection
Mobile Phone Dissection (Reference)
Hand in journals

15 pts

Feb. 26 & Feb. 28 Lecture: How Rice Cookers Work
Rice Cooker Dissection
Introduction to Appliance Wiki project
Hand in journals

10 pts
25 pts
March 5 & March 7 NO CLASS - SPRING BREAK
March 12 & 14 Lecture: Stapler Wars
Stapler Dissection

15 pts
March 19 & 21 Lecture: How Cameras Work
Camera Dissection
Hand in journals

15 pts

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