Thomas Briggs Hunter Memorial Award for Student Leadership

The Thomas Briggs Hunter Memorial Award for Student Leadership recognizes an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering whose outstanding qualities of leadership, volunteer spirit and citizenship have been directed into programs and services that have positively influenced the department, college, University or community.

The award is named for Thomas Hunter, a mechanical engineering graduate student at Penn State from 1988 to 1994, who was known as a leader in volunteering his time.


Consideration for this award will be given to all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program who are in their fifth semester or higher. The recipient must demonstrate those qualities which the Award honors.

Nomination Process

Students may self-nominate for this award. Calls for applications are sent out early in the fall semester. Students may provide an application to the MNE Undergraduate Programs Office, 139/140 Reber Bldg. Selection of the award winner will be based on scholarly achievements as well as demonstrated service to the department, college, University, or community.

Past Recipients

  • Mark Frederick (2017)
  • Melissa Shallcross (2016)
  • Rachel Perini (2015)
  • Maryellen Overbaugh (2015)
  • Ryan Patrick (2014)
  • Meghan Fisher (2012)
  • Kimberly Harrison (2012)
  • Danielle DaSilva (2011)
  • Kasha Kultys (2011)
  • Sandy Jo Risha (2010)
  • Michael Ducker (2009)
  • Casey Miller (2009)
  • Brianne Wilburne (2009)
  • Casey McHenry (2008)
  • Ryan Carley (2007)
  • Gaelyn Neely (2006)
  • Gregory Rybka (2005)
  • Mona Dalsania (2004)
  • Michael Zollars (2003)
  • Courtney Dietz (2002)
  • Corey Raymo (2001)
  • Eve Koopmann (1999)
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