Remote Desktop Instructions

Linux Users

Linux users should use a third party VPN client. The configuration settings can be found by clicking this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.


Connecting via Remote Desktop (built into Windows) after Global Protect has already been installed.


    TrayConnected TrayDisconnected
  1. Check that the vpn client is running and connected, second icon from the left. If not, connect to the vpn
    • Remote desktop is only allowed on the gpvpn portal of Global Protect
    • Grad Students and Employees have access to gpvpn portal by default; Undergrads need a faculty member to request access for them
    • Instructions for Global Protect VPN
  2. Start the Remote Desktop Client
    1. In Windows 7 click Start/All Programs/Accessories/Remote Desktop Connection or
    2. type "Remote" in the search box and pick Remote Desktop Connection from the list.
  3. Enter the "Computer" name
    1. For faculty and staff connecting to the ENGR domain:
      • You can use the IP address or Full computer name (
      • Append to your username as in when prompted.
    2. For Research Labs connecting to COEACCESS domain computers:
      • You must run the one-time registry update as explained here
      • You must use the Full computer name, ie from computer "labcomputer" the Full computer name would be
      • Append to your usename as in when prompted.
  4. OPTIONAL: you can adjust settings under "Options" as needed
  5. Click "Connect" to connect to the computer
  6. Login with your username and password as instructed above in step 3.