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PA Middle School Students Visit PSU ExCCL

April 26, 2012

Twenty middle school students participated in the demonstrations given by the graduate students in PSU ExCCL.

The middle school students were split into three groups, which rotated between demos invovling liquid nitrogen, an infrared camera, and a high speed camera.

Graduate student, Molly Eberly, using liquid nitrogen for a demonstration of material properties.

Graduate students, Molly Eberly and Chris Whitfield, discussing the cooling potential of liquid nitrogen with middle school students.

Graduate students, Katie Kirsch and Robert Schroeder, demonstrating thermal properties with a thermal imaging camera.

Recent Ph.D. graduate, Jason Ostanek, helping middle school students record a high speed video of a balloon deforming.

Middle school students making a high speed video of water pouring into a bowl, with recent Ph.D. graduate, Jason Ostanek.