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PSU ExCCL Attends IGTI's TurboExpo in Copenhagen

June 15, 2012

Several current personnel and recent graduates from PSU ExCCL attended the ASME TurboExpo 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to present their gas turbine research findings to an international audience. Dr. Karen Thole was the Chair of Conferences, and therefore spoke at the Grand Opening presenatations. Former student, Dr. Seth Lawson ('11g ME) was awarded one of the 2012 Young Engineer Travel Awards. Current and former lab members who presented papers based on PSU ExCCL work included:

— Research associate, Dr. Michael Barringer, "Effects of Centrifugal Forces on Particle Deposition for a Representative Seal Pin Between Two Blades";

— Dr. Jason Ostanek ('12g ME), "Effects of Varying Streamwise and Spanwise Spacing in Pin-Fin Arrays";

— Dr. Alan Thrift ('11g ME), "Impact of the Combustor-Turbine Interface Slot Orientation on the Durability of a Nozzle Guide Vane Endwall";

— Dr. Seth Lawson ('11g ME), "Simulations of Multi-Phase Particle Deposition on a Non-Axisymmetric Contoured Endwall with Film-Cooling";

— Grant Musgrove ('09g ME), "Performance Measurements of a Unique Louver Particle Separator for Gas Turbine Engines."

Other attendees included current students Amy Mensch, Jeff Gibson, Ken Clark, Robert Schroeder, Molly Eberly, and Katie Kirsch. The 2012 conference was the largest ever, with approximately 3,000 participants, and over 1,100 technical papers presented.

Dr. Karen Thole speaking at the Grand Opening presenatations.

Speaker Nathalie von Siemens, Siemens Headquarters, (far left) and PSU ExCCL members at the women's networking reception and dinner.

PSU ExCCL members at the conference center.

PSU ExCCL members at the Grand Opening luncheon.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen's 17th century waterfront and famous landmark.

The Bella Center hotel, where the conference was located, and windmill out front.

Former student, Dr. Seth Lawson ('11g ME), second from the right, receiving one of the 2012 Young Engineer Travel Awards.

PSU ExCCL members and alumni enjoy a dinner in Copenhagen.

PSU ExCCL members in the Bella Center hotel sky bridge.

Bella Center hotel and conference center.