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The Public Shaped Hole

Literature contains many different shaped hole designs, however few geometries are common between publications of different researchers. Most published film cooling studies compare novel cooling hole designs to the performance of a cylindrical hole, which is not necessarily the most helpful standard given the well-known jet detachment that occurs at high momentum flux ratios. Designers and researchers would benefit from defining a baseline shaped hole geometry to be used instead of cylindrical holes for comparison purposes.

At PSU ExCCL we performed a literature review that identified over 120 different shaped hole geometries. We then designed a public, baseline shaped hole representative of geometries in literature. The resulting public baseline is the "7-7-7 shaped hole" geometry.

The public shaped hole is a laidback fanshaped design

Public shaped holes machined in polystyrene


Accessing Shaped Hole Information

The literature review database and information on the baseline shaped hole (including CAD models of the design) are accessible on this website. To obtain access please send an email with your name, institution, and desired email address to:

An email reply will contain your username and password. Then click the link below to "Shaped Hole Information" and fill in the prompt. Note that username and password are sensitive to text uppercase or lowercase.

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