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Our work on new insect-inspired water repellent surfaces is now published on Science Advances!! Congratulations Lin, Francesca, and Jing!! See also Penn State News, The Scientist, NSF News, and Daily Mail. Also, check out the interview video with Lin!


Our work on slippery viscoelastic solid repellent coating for global sanitation has been featured worldwide in many prominent international media. See for example: BBC, BBC Radio 5 (1:55:00), The Economist (17:07), CBC Radio, The Guardian, The Times, Scientific American, NPR, Fast Company, the Verge, Le Monde, Daily Mail, XinHua, Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, C|NET, and more.


Dr. Tak-Sing Wong has been honored by the White House for the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) for his contributions in nanotechnology and bio-inspired engineering! Special thanks to the National Science Foundation for the nomination! See the White House Announcement and Penn State News!

8.24.2018 - 9.18.2018

Our work on liquid membranes as reverse particle filters has been featured in a number of newspapers and websites worldwide! See for example: The Times, Daily Mail, Le Monde, Der Speigel, Die Welt, SZ, Gizmodo (Japan), XinHua, Vice, Chemistry World, GE, Seeker and Science Channel, C&EN, Sciences et Avenir, Science & Vie, Daily Beast, and more.


Our work on self-healing liquid membranes as unusual particle filters was featured as a cover image on Science Advances homepage and as a feature research on Science Magazine homepage!



Our work on directional slippery rough surfaces has been featured on C&EN! Check out the video below:


Our work on directional slippery rough surfaces has been published in Science Advances! This work has been featured in Penn State News, C&EN, and New Scientist!


Our work on synthetic brochosomes was featured as a cover image on Nature Communications!



Birgitt has won the MRS Graduate Student Gold Award for outstanding research, as well as the MRS Authur Nowick Gradaute Student Award for outstanding teaching and mentorship! Congratulations Birgitt!! See here for the news.


11.3.2017 - 11.7.2017

Our work on synthetic brochosomes has been featured in Penn State News, MRS Bulletin, and Science News, as well as selected as the Top Story of the Day by Science360 of the National Science Foundation!



Our work has been featured by the National Science Foundation as one of the 8 ways to secure national defense. See here for the news.






Our work on SLIPS has been featured by the World Economic Forum as one of the 5 ways cutting-edge technology copies nature.






Our research has been featured in a short film produced by Science Nation of the National Science Foundation. Special thanks to Marsha Walton, Laurie Howell, Miles O'Brien for producing the film! Please check out the video here.

3.29.2016 - 4.5.2016

Our work on a cross-species bioinspired thermal repairable slippery coating (X-SLIPS) has been featured in Chemistry in Pictures by Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) and Gizmodo!! Please check it out!


Our work on SLIPSERS has been featured in the front page of the National Science Foundation and as a headline story of the National Science Foundation 360! The research has also been featured in a number of news outlet including Penn State News, Science Daily, Phys.Org, Nanowerk, R&D Magazine, Futurism, and KurzweilAI.


Our work on slippery rough surfaces has been featured in a short video invited by the American Chemical Society! Special thanks to Kate Myers, Shea Winton, and Hai Nguyen in making the video!



Our work on slippery rough surfaces has been featured in the NSF Multimedia Galley, as well as the latest NSF Science360 Super Science Video!!  Please check them out!!



9.1.2015 - 9.14.2015

Our work on slippery rough surfaces has been featured as the top story of the day in the National Science Foundation 360!!  The research has also been featured in a number of internatinal online media, including Penn State News, Science Daily, Phys.Org, Tech Times, China Daily, People's Daily, XinHua Net, and CCTV!! Congratulations!!




Birgitt Boschitsch has been selected for the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!  Congratulations!! See press release here and here.




Dr. Wong was invited to present at EmTech 2014 at MIT.  Please check out the video of his research talk here.


Dr. Wong and the team were featured in the front page of Centre Daily Times!! Congratulations!


Dr. Wong has been named as one of the world's top 35 Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review!  Congratulations!!!  Dr. Wong would like to express his gratitude to his mentors, collaborators, and the Wong Research Group for the support of the research activities!! See press release here and here.


Dr. Wong has been selected to participate the National Academy of Engineering U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium!  See press release here and here.


Dr. Wong has been selected as one of the 20 Outstanding Alumni in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong since its establishment in 1994.


Dr. Wong and the team have been selected for the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation!  Announcements can be found here and here.


Awards / Honors


"SLIPS" receives 2012 R&D 100 Award", Wyss Institute at Harvard, June 20, 2012; "Giving the SLIP to all liquids", R&D Magazine, August 21, 2012.


"14 Best Inventions Using Biomimicry 2011", Treehugger (A Discovery Company), December 6, 2011.


Academic Journals/Magazines


Slippery when wetted”, Nature 2011, 447:412 – 413, September 22, 2011.


"Pitcher plant perfect”, Nature Chemistry 2011, 3:834, October 24, 2011.


Pitcher Plant Inspires Super Slippery Surface”, Chemical & Engineering News (US), September 21, 2011; in printed version, Vol. 89, No. 39. p.5, September 26, 2011.



Popular Scientific Online / Printed Magazines


Flesh-eating plant inspires super-slippery material that repels everything”, Discover, September 21, 2011.


Copied from pitcher plants; destined for ketchup bottles”, Popular Science, November 14, 2011.


Carnivorous plant inspires super-slippery material”, New Scientist, September 21, 2011.


"万物皆滑", Technology Review (Chinese), 2011, vol. 12, pp. 44 - 46.



International Newspaper/Media


SLIPS liquid repeller is inspired by carnivorous plants, enemy to insects and graffiti artists alike”, Engadget, August 3, 2012.


"Deadly pitcher-plant inspires super slippery nano-surface", Reuters, Feburary 6, 2012.


"Insect-eating plant inspires water repellent material", NBCNEWS, by John Roach, November 15, 2011.


Carnivorous plant shows its slippery side”, Financial Times (UK), September 30, 2011.


Slippery customer from nature inspires ultimate non-stick pan”, The Times (UK), Biology and Evolution Section, September 22, 2011.


"A great non-friction story: Researchers create 'world's most slippery surface' which could help create 'the ultimate non-stick frying pan'", Daily Mail, by Chris Parsons, September 22, 2011.


Super-slippery material could mean end to having to wait for ketchup”, The Telegraph, by Richard Gray, November 13, 2011.


Pitcher plant inspires slippery surface”, ABC, Science Section (Australia), September 22, 2011.


University News


"Scientists Develop SLIPS”, The Harvard Crimson, p.A3, September 26, 2011.


Plant offers slick strategy”, Harvard Gazette, September 21, 2011.


SLIPS for anti-biofouling

SLIPS blitz biofilms”, Nature 2012, 488:133, August 9, 2012.


"Super slippery surfaces prevent biofilms", PNAS, August 6, 2012.


Bacteria cities cannot form on a super-slippery surface, inspired by meat-eating plants ”, Discover, July 31, 2012.

SLIPS for anti-icing

Iceophobic Airplane Wing”, The Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2012.


"No scrapper required: Ice rolls off metal", Discovery News, June 16, 2012.


"Ultra anti-freeze prevents ice from even forming", Smithsonian, June 12, 2012


Slippery coating keeps metal frost-free”, Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), June 15, 2012.


“Kuriose Wissenschaft: Ringen um Ringe”, No. 4/12, GEO Magazine (in German), April 2012.


Coffee-Ring Effect Separates Particles”, Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), vol. 89, issue 7, pp. 4, February 14, 2011.


How World’s Smallest ‘Coffee Ring’ May Help Biosensors Detect Disease”, UCLA Newsroom, May 5, 2010.

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